Apple Picking in Julian

October 13, 2011

A great weekend was had by us!  On Saturday, we woke up bright and early for a Body Works Class at our gym with our favorite instructor.  After class we made delicious vegige frittatas for breakfast and sipped on the last of our Italian Coffee (I brought home coffee from my favorite cafe in Rome).  I’m so sad it’s almost gone! 

I suggested going to Julian to go apple picking and Shan jumped on it!  Julian is a very small town famous for their apple orchards and more specifically their apple pies!  We quickly got ready as it was already 2 and it takes about an hour to get there.  I packed a few snacks and off we went.

The drive to Julian was so pretty!  We passed by the Wild Animal Park and then drove through a small town called Ramona that’s mostly farms.  We passed by an chicken farm, pumpkin patch and lots of cows.  The rolling hills were really beautiful.  It didn’t feel like we were in San Diego.  Just a few miles before Julian there was a small apple farm we stopped at.  It was really crowded so we figured they must have some good pickins!  We purchased one bag for $10 and set off to the orchards.  We found this beauty that just had to be plucked!

After we filled our bag (about halfway) we headed back to the stand to top our bag with some other varieties they had in bins.  The majority of our apples were Hawkeyes but we also picked up Golden Delicious, Fuji, Jonagold and some pears! 

Next, we headed up the road to Julian.  Neither of us had ever been so we were super excited!  Our first stop was fresh apple cider at this cute shop! 

The place was so crowded but for a good reason.  They had boysenberry apple cider (hot or cold), the traditional apple cider (hot or cold) and so many apple goodies.  While we sipped on our cider (amazing!!!), we picked out some treats.  We ended up purchasing a quart of cider to bring home, apple cinnamon granola, Julian pumpkin butter, Julian apple butter, chocolate covered banana chips, and mango spiced chili! 

Julian also has a lot of cute boutique shops.  One store in particular we spent a lot of time in.  They had the cutest fall decor and this make-your-own poutpurri station. 

Our last stop in Julian was of course for an apple pie!  Julian Apple Pie Co. and Mom’s Pies are the two most popular bakeries.  

While we were waiting in a seriously long line at Mom’s Pies, a local stopped by and showed us her pie from Apple Alley across the street.  She said their pies were the best and there was no line.  Ummm no line and the pie she showed us looked amazing so we darted over. Apple Alley is a small cafe with a window on the side of the restaurant to purchase fresh whole pies.  We went with the Apple Crumb Pie and a cinnamon roll for good measure.  Obviously we wanted to try a piece right there…but we held off since we had not had dinner yet!

It’s Thursday now and the pie was demolished by Tuesday.  It was soooo delicious!  And surprisingly not too sweet given it had a crumb topping.  The sauce the apples were cooked in had the perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar and served warm with vanilla ice cream meant one slice was not enough. 

Oh and you are probably wondering what we did with all of our apples….well we still have a lot but we did make apple cider pancakes on Sunday.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and tweaked it a little.  I made mine with all whole wheat flour and substituted the oil for applesauce.  I personally like some type of syrup on my pancakes so instead of the cinnamon sugar topping I chopped up a couple apples and threw them in a pan with butter.  I cooked them for 2 minutes to soften them up and then added 3/4 cup of maple syrup.  If you have apple cider, please make these!!!

Be expecting some more really delicious recipes soon! We’ve been taking Fall very seriously in San Diego even considering our 100 degree weather the past couple of days.  See you soon!


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