Pinterest Favorites!

October 19, 2011

Hello Hello, happy middle of the week! So there is this website called Pinterest, please tell me you guys are as addicted as Jayme and I are! We are pretty convinced that we are their most loyal users. If you have not yet heard of pinterest (you most likely will when it completely blows up like facebook) it is a website that allows you to have all your interests in one place. So when you are browsing the internet and you come across something you want to share, you simply click Pin It under your bookmarks and it transfers straight to your pinterest account. Pretty cool right?! You categorize all your pins (pictures) under your boards and follow other people’s boards as well. I may have not sold you yet but if you ignore this right now, get on to their website and join, I guaranteed that you will be hooked! Anyways, I’m getting a tad carried away here but I’m just obsessed! Jayme and I wanted to share our favorite pins from this week. Each pin relates to our categories! Hope you enjoy!

xoxo J and Sha

Loving this simple trench; great for fall!

Daily dose of love.

Pink Cafe in Paris

Jayme made these apple cider pancakes! Delish.





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